Well, this post isn’t about U2.  It’s just to let readers know what that it seems as though I am working, but not really getting anywhere.  I completely forgot Friday’s post, and Monday–well, there just isn’t any excuse.  I just didn’t manage my time properly.  There are some personal things getting in the way, and the latest page is giving me  problems.  I am having problems with the layout.  Quite frankly, I am just running out of ideas.  And that’s the scary thing.  I used to have so many ideas that I couldn’t contain them all.  My skill level couldn’t keep up with all of the ideas that I  had.  As I have continued to work on my craft and improve ,my skill level, my ideas aren’t so great any more.  My visual library and imagination have seemed to “take a hit”.

Anyway, one of the things that I worked on Sunday night was a recoloring of a panel that I redrew (and showed here some time ago).  One of my main problems is that I’m still pretty slow, so this panel took longer than I thought (and the funny part is that I thought I would complete the panel pretty quickly).  It took me something along the lines of two or three hours (maybe even longer) to get this page done, and there is no way that should happen.  redraw 3I’m still working to identify a style and, more importantly, a technique that works with what I am trying to to do here with The Cause.

As always, thanks to those of you who read.  I’ll be posting a schedule for posts, so stay frosty for that.