On Monday, I logged onto the site to post news about my publishing schedule.  But there were so many spam posts (close to 800) that I had to clear out, I completely forgot it.  The schedule for the next pages are as follows: September 2, September 16, and September 30th.  I know that sucks, but I want to post something–even if it’s just three pages for the month of September.  But stop back in between the page postings as I will post developmental material for the pages.

One of the things that has me working a little later is the fact that I am trying to develop my skills to become a professional illustrator.  For those readers who have followed me: I am still working on the D and D test.  The illustration idea is a little larger than I thought it would be.  That is, the work involved is a little bit more intense than I thought.  Well, actually, it is a great deal more intense than I thought.  Part of my problem is that I am still learning how to produce images using digital methods.  For someone like me, that (using digital methods) is really difficult.  Learning and producing quality artistic material are often mutually exclusive.  But I am trying my hardest.  Anyway, here is another look at something that I whipped up for the D and D art test:

new guard 3Like I said: I am still learning.  This pose is from the illustration that I am working on.  It’s really hard for someone like me who has really focused primarily on black and white images and, even worse, line drawings to depict art. Lines are a really big deal; they define form.  And they do so easily.  Yes, it’s difficult to get good at drawing contour drawings, but once an artist manages a certain level of proficiency, he can create almost anything that he can conceive.  The hard part about painting–yes, even digital painting–is that an artist has to abandon the line.  And that quite simply, is terrifying as an artist who holds onto that line for dear life!  Anyway, I think the image is all right.  I think I am getting there…slowly.