Three US government employees (of an organization that could be called the Department of Homeland Security) investigate an elite Scandinavian businessman. While monitoring this man, these three agents learn of a powerful, two thousand year old organization comprised of individuals, public and private corporations, and religious organizations from around the world. The employees witness a man and woman, claiming to be representatives of this organization, demonstrate superior physical talents, fighting techniques, and, seemingly, supernatural abilities. This man and woman harass and provoke the Scandinavian businessman; he then transforms into a monster. The monster and the mysterious couple fight, but they are interrupted by the three government agents.

All of these things are caught on film.

After these events, the government agents devote themselves to learning all that they can about the mysterious man and woman, the organization for which they work, and the monster that the couple was fighting. Along the way, all of the characters discover uncomfortable truths about business, politics, religion, and, most importantly, themselves.